Savoir Faire

With personal long experience in marketing and action sports, DPY was created from the desire to help brands reach their needs in terms of content and direction. What sets us apart is our vast network of creatives all over the world, and our extensive knowledge of street lifestyle and subcultures which have always pioneered and influenced the mainstream accompagned by the desire to make something unique everytime, chasing out what's Already Been Done..




Depuis 2013, DPY editions publie des livres de photographies sur le skateboard et le surf, au sein des capitales européennes les plus foisonnantes

Event production

Chaque évènement est unique, et notre démarche est de proposer des alternatives simples pour produire des évènements qui ne ressemblent à aucun autre.

Nous accompagnons nos clients en donnant du sens a leurs projets

Content Production


Coming from skateboarding treatment dof image, we can play on any side of the story, creating it as much as documenting it., to propose a deeper experience trough our content production

Retail Store activation



Feeding the customers with a new experience

Creative Direction


Because every project need the best communication tools and assets, we're creating with our talents creative assets to work sublime your projects

Exhibit Curation


All Around Europe we're setting and producing exhibitions or installations adapted to any kind of location



Helping our clients to find the keys of they're devellopment strategy

Event Partnership


Supporting community events, and being implicated on whats happening all along the year is a major footprint in the city


Curated collabs


As working with partners make you devellop commun interest, we find the best way to express mutual feelings around each object

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